Construction Office – Project Manager (West Hollywood)

compensation: DOE

Project Manager


Under limited supervision, the Project Manager manages and administers the construction and delivery of facilities and/ or alternations/ modifications to existing facilities. This includes contract participation, on-site coordination, quality control, safety, and all aspects of contract management.

Duties and Responsibilities:
* Schedules Labor
* Initiates subcontracts
* Estimating
* Conducts bid job walks as required
* Reviews plans
* Maintains a project binder in coordination with project coordinators
* Maintains and updates a tickle file on a daily basis
* Reviews submittal requests to verify adequate and all required submittals have been requested
* Reviews submittal procurement process daily until all submittals have been submitted and approved
* Reviews submittal, change order and RFI logs and Payment Applications with Project Coordinators
* Verifies project files are being maintained
* Verifies jobs are being invoiced timely and correctly
* Supervises Project Coordinators and Superintendents
* Supervises completion of all required inspections by superintendent
* Supervises completion of project closeout package by the Project Coordinator
* Originates construction schedules for owner and subcontractors
* Initiates change orders
* Reviews schedule with superintendents daily
* Visits jobs as required to maintain schedule and quality of work (minimum of twice per week)
* Initiates RFI’s and ensures questions are clear
* Follows up and gets responses to the RFI’s
* Progress Meetings: makes agenda prior to meeting and completes Meeting Minutes within one day of meeting
* Performs miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned

Knowledge and skills required:
* Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing
* Ability to read schematics and blueprints as well as technical manuals
* Ability to develop and present building estimates and feasibility studies
* Ability to gather data, compile information, and prepare reports
* Ability to provide technical guidance and supervision to independent sub contractors and labor
* Ability to manage contractual arrangements
* Ability to assess contract compliance and product, service, and quality
* Ability to perform site inspections and/ or approve installations
* Ability to create and maintain a cooperative business environment
* Ability to train new Superintendents and Project Managers
* Technical knowledge of building components and their functions
* Knowledge of architectural design and planning procedures
* Knowledge of federal, state, and local building codes, ordinances, and regulations
* Knowledge of budgeting, cost estimating, and management principles and procedures
* Knowledge of operating practices of construction, architectural, and building firms
* Knowledge of contract documents and specifications
* Strong interpersonal and communication skills
* Work efficiently and effectively
* Skills in the use of computers
* Skills in workflow analysis and management
* Skill in organizing resources and establishing priorities
* Maintains records and files efficiently

Please apply if you have a construction experience only!

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